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SimpleHerbals offers herbal products for wellness, including over 30 ethically wild-crafted or sustainably & locally grown herbal teas for wellness.  A small sampling is below .

Wild Blackberry Leaf tea–this tea was part of the rations for the Roman Army.  High in vitamin C and tannins, it’s known for helping immunity.  The blackberry tea here is wild-harvested from native plants, not cultivated blackberries; the flavor is intense and layered, much like a fine black pekoe tea.

Oat Straw  tea— extremely high in calcium, this traditional Scottish tea is made from organic oats grown and harvested by hand.  Known for its calming properties, this tea tastes of floral notes, sun and grass.

Blue Mountain tea — this Appalachian traditional tea is made from leaves of the Solidago plant harvested in mid-summer and was historically used for fall allergies,  colds and flu.  It has a lovely blue green color and rich aroma.

Field Milk Thistle tea — this thistle, a colonial apothecary plant, was cultivated for its many beneficial properties and historically was viewed as useful for the liver.  The tea has notes of earth and wood.

Herbal Tinctures &  Infusions — SimpleHerbals also offers 1 and 2 ounce single herb herbal tinctures and herbal infusions using certified organic olive oil, certified organic vinegars or Certified Naturally Grown local honey. Tinctures are made with certified organic vegetable glycerin or certified organic alcohol made from cane sugar (as labelled.) *Only vegetable glycerin tinctures are available at the farmers markets.








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SimpleHerbals is sold at Terembry Farm’s market stand at area farmers’ markets in season.

Sustainably & Locally Grown

All herbal products are ethically and sustainably grown/ethically wildcrafted at Terembry Farm which is  Certified Naturally Grown

Ethically Harvested

The owner of SimpleHerbals and Terembry Farm is a member of United Plant Savers, a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation of endangered wild medicinal plants.

No plants at Terembry Farm are overharvested; all wildcrafting is done with respect for the plants and for the environment.

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Please note:  The traditional teas above, or any of the SimpleHerbals traditional herbal food products, have not  been reviewed by the FDA.

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