SimpleHerbals also offers eggs from Terembry Farm’s poultry operation.

At Terembry Farm, hens free-range–true free range–and are fed a supplement of non gmo grains.

Birds are raised humanely from day 1 of life.  The flock is managed bio-dynamically; (See the United States Biodynamic Association.)

What does this mean? Unlike typical pastured eggs, the hens are raised and allowed to range with cockerels, replicating a flock in nature. Birds don’t have their beaks trimmed or wings clipped.  The cockerels protect the flock just as in nature, leading the birds in to roost at night.  Birds make their own dustbaths (essential for their health) and get a varied diet of bugs and grasses, along with their supplement of grain.

Under biodynamic management, hens are allowed to go broody and to hatch out eggs, and raise their own chicks–making for a much healthier bird.

While birds raised this way don’t have the production levels of industrial farms, the flavor of the eggs are superior and are nutrient dense–and the birds have a much better quality of life.

For 2018, Terembry Farm will be developing its flocks of Americaunas, Cuckoo Marans and Silver Phoenix.


.$6 dozen/$3.00 half dozen.  Brown, blue, green & chocolate brown eggs.  




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