The name SimpleHerbals reflects its core focus: “herb simples” are what herbalists call herbs that aren’t part of a blend but stand on their own  in single use through one herb teas, tinctures and single herb infusions.   


SimpleHerbals’ sustainably and ethically produced and packaged teas and herbal products introduce individuals to “the power of one plant”  while raising awareness about the growing threats to wild medicinal plants and their habitat.  

All SimpleHerbals teas and herbal products come from herbs ethically harvested: SimpleHerbals works with local farms that follow sustainable practices and are Certified Naturally Grown, to promote wild plant habitat.  Because of loss of habitat, environmental degradation and unethical harvest, too many medicinal or otherwise beneficial plants are over-harvested in the wild and are in danger of being lost. In addition, SimpleHerbals supports UnitedPlantSavers  which does wonderful things in this arena. For more information, please email SimpleHerbals@gmail.com


Note:  Please don’t ask for medical guidance: we cannot provide such guidance.  Many good resources exist online that provide information on specific herbal properties. These traditional herbal food products have not been reviewed by the FDA and no claims are made in regard to their use.

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