SimpleHerbals is just that–what herbalists call herbs that aren’t part of a blend or mix, but that stand on their own, in single use.

IMAG0248And that is SimpleHerbals’ niche.. Our specialty is simple herbs, one herb teas, tinctures, and single herb infusions. 

Herbs are grown locally under bio-dynamic principles (see biodynamics.com), without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizer– and cultivated here on the farm, or ethically wild-crafted from the farm (not imported from Europe as many wild-crafted herbs are today).

Herbs are grown/wildcrafted with respect for the natural environment and careful stewardship and protection of natural resources.  We’re members of  UnitedPlantSavers. which does wonderful things in this arena. Too many medicinal or otherwise beneficial plants are over-harvested in the wild and are in danger of being lost.  Wild-crafting here is ethically done.

 Offerings include a variety as we establish perennial beds:  Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Saint John’s Wort, Solidago, Rosemary, Fennel, Matte Fellon, Dandelion, Arrsmart, BeeBalm, Burdock, Plantago, Wild Blackberry, and others.

SimpleHerbals is affiliated with Terembry Farm, near Fredericksburg Virginia.  Terembry Farm is Certified Naturally Grown. No synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are used.  Prior to Terembry Farm’s initial start, the farm was left fallow for over a decade in preparation for organic certification.

For more information and a list of our herbs and herbals products, please email SimpleHerbals@gmail.com

Note:  Please don’t ask for medical guidance as we’re not medical practitioners and cannot provide such guidance.  Many good resources exist online that provide information on specific herbal properties; WebMD is one place to start.   These traditional herbal food products have not been reviewed by the FDA.

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